Who are the Acramans

Pastor Dennis Acraman was miraculously converted to Christ in 1970.  An energetic street preacher, he itinerated with several ministries during the 70’s "Jesus Movement" winning people to Christ around New Zealand. He served on the board of the Takapuna A/G under Pastor Wayne Hughes (N.Z. A/G Superintendent) for fifteen years.

Leaving a successful career as a Senior Executive in a National Corporation, Dennis and wife Mina pioneered a daughter church for the Takapuna A/G in the late eighties.  In 1999 Dennis took up the Pastorship of the Hastings A/G.  In 1994 the leadership relocated the church to downtown Hastings where they saw God bless the work with many new converts. Many of these converts went on to serve the church in a variety of ways. They have hosted city wide combined church events and run seminars and missions training courses. 

Dennis has served the Assemblies of God in many senior roles over the years, he continues to assist in a consultative role from time to time. His wife Mina currently serves on the National Executive Team.  Despite the pressures of pastoring a busy congregation and ministry team, the Acraman's take time with the encouragement and intercessory prayer support of their church leadership to extend their ministry to other churches for preaching, seminars, Bible lectures and leadership consultancy.  As part of their ministry vision, they have a desire to see other churches built up and strengthened. 

Dennis & Mina have ministered extensively around N.Z. They have ministered in the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Easter Island, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Romania, and Kazakhstan.

Dennis has a personal prayer burden for the area known as the ‘Pacific Triangle’.  Over the years Dennis and wife Mina have been deeply concerned about ‘The Church’ and Maoridom in New Zealand.  This has given him a heart for indigenous people around the globe.  On Dennis's 1995 visit to the Solomon Islands, God used him to bring a fresh move of the Spirit to the church across the nation that is still being talked about till this day. He has had the opportunity to help consolidate these moves though ongoing seminars for pastors.

Dennis and Mina have spoken in many conferences, seminars, workshops in NZ and in the countries he has visited. He has ministered with most denominations and worked overseas with A/G missions’ initiatives, Operation Mobilisation (OM), World Outreach (WO)


Pastor Mina Acraman and her husband Dennis have functioned in a “Priscilla and Aquila” leadership mode for over forty years. Today, they pastor Crossroad’s Church in Whitianga. Mina is an ordained A/G minister and has served for over 10 years on the National Executive. Mina oversees various regions within the NZAG movement. In recent years, she has been working to build up Maori pastors and has initiated a yearly ‘Te Haerenga’ Hui. She has over 38 years of ministry experience including pastoring, church planting and overseas ministry.


Mina is a strong leader in A/G women’s ministry. She, along with other key woman, initiated conferences for hundreds in the early 90’s. She is also involved in many mentoring groups with our nation’s strategic leaders. Mina is well-connected with many significant leaders outside of NZ A/G, adding to her span of influence.


Mina has a strong preaching and exhorting gift. She ministers from life-tested perspectives and encourages both men and women. She passionately believes that; “people can rise and become who God has uniquely created them to be”. She believes that each person has a destiny that is revealed through faith, courage and tenacity - despite all impediments.

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